Roll Call: All The Apostles are Black, All the Saints Queer, and All of Them Are Brave (Pt. 1)

March 15, 2022

All The Apostles are Black, All the Saints Queer, and All of Them Are Brave: towards a queer canon (Pt.1)

Hello, hi Beloveds! We are Kopano Maroga and Maneo Mohale and we have the absolute honour of hosting this 2 part episode of Roll Call for you produced by the Poetry Foundation. We are sluts for history and sluts for discourse and are going to be picking the brains of our fabulous guests Koleka Putuma (featured in part 1) and Nakhane (featured in part 2) speaking all things blackness in these episodes. South Africanness, craft, microaggressions, white twinks and black queer ancestors. We are joined in these episodes by voicenote interludes from black, queer South African artists Gugulethu Duma (aka Dumama who opens and closes the show), Lindiwe Mngxitama and Kneo Mokgopa. Special thanks to our magnificent producer, Maia McDonald, and our generous mentors, Danez Smith and Jenna Wortham, for holding space for us and holding our hands through the process. 

Big, black, slutty love!

Maneo & Kopano

Hosted by: Kopano Maroga and Maneo Mohale

Featuring: Koleka Putuma, Gugulethu Duma, Lindiwe Mngxitama

Produced by: Maia McDonald

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