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  • Essay
    By Lucy Ives

    Florine Stettheimer was a brilliant American painter of the 1920s and '30s. As a new biography reminds us, she also wrote poems that share the idiosyncratic charm of her visual...

    A bouquet of mixed flowers against a blue backdrop.
  • Essay
    By Keith D. Leonard

    Claude McKay's Harlem Shadows at 100. 

    Illustration of a man in silhouette, a suitcase at his feet, standing on a bridge and looking at a mixed skyline comprised of New York, Paris, and the jungle.
  • Essay
    By Sandra Simonds

    Bianca Stone’s new collection is an unflinching portrait of motherhood and the grief of her family’s famed matriarch. 

    Illustration of a woman holding a baby, while other women stand behind her, and another woman's face hovers above.
  • Essay
    By J. Howard Rosier

    John Keene's career-spanning new collection, Punks, is a shapeshifting inquiry into race, class, and sex. 

    Illustration of John Keene standing in front of a street in Chicago's Boystown neighborhood.
  • Essay
    By Ed Simon

    Our understanding of John Milton's life and work has been scattered throughout the centuries. An inventive new biography seeks to make him whole.

    Illustration of John Milton's body in pieces, floating through a sunlit sky.
  • Essay
    By The Editors

    A reading list of our 2021 features.

    Image of two women sitting back-to-back reading, surrounded by collaged letters and puzzle pieces.
  • Essay
    By Nina Renata Aron

    Erin Taylor's Bimboland reads like the diary of someone grappling with sex, feminism, and life online.

    Three-part Illustration of a woman looking at her phone in bed, looking at herself in her phone camera, and a glass of water perched on books.
  • Essay
    By Emily Cooke

    Assia Wevill is remembered as the mistress who came between Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath. Was she more than that?

    Illustration of Assia Wevill between two snapshots, one of Sylvia Plath and one of Ted Hughes.
  • Essay
    By Wyatt Mason

    Notes on Charles Baudelaire.

    Drawing of Charles Baudelaire surrounded by floral smudges of paint.
  • Essay
    By Stephen Matterson

    Paul Auster's new biography is a monumental account of Stephen Crane—a writer whose life, and work, remain enigmatic.

    Illustration of Stephen Crane in a colored desert backdrop, with a bare tree and a sinking ship behind him, and a full moon above.
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