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  • Essay
    By Sandra Simonds

    In Hoarders, Kate Durbin turns to reality TV to show lives buried under capitalism.

    Illustration of a couple walking up to a house overflowing with possessions.
  • Essay
    By Declan Ryan

    Thom Gunn’s letters showcase his many sides: rebel, friend, egoist, icon, failure, sexpot.

    Black-and-white portrait of Thom Gunn standing and smiling.
  • Essay
    By Ashley M. Jones
  • Essay
    By Porochista Khakpour

    A new volume reintroduces English-language readers to the trailblazing Iraqi poet Nazik al-Mala'ika.  

    Illustration of Nazik Al-Malaika standing amid Middle Eastern vegetation at night.
  • Essay
    By Jennifer Wilson

    Maria Stepanova, one of Russia's greatest living poets, comes to America.

    Black-and-white portrait of Maria Stepanova.
  • Essay
    By Joyelle McSweeney

    Douglas Kearney's new projects—a book and a live record—continue his dynamic experiments in Black performance.

    Abstract painting of lines emerging from a dark sea, with buttons and round objects in the sky.
  • Essay
    By Quinn Latimer

    A new edition of N.H. Pritchard's The Matrix reintroduces one of the most conceptually rigorous texts of the Black radical tradition.

  • Essay
    By Harmony Holiday

    On the doomed glory of Henry Dumas.

    Black-and-white portrait of Henry Dumas.
  • Essay
    By Johannes Göransson

    Will Alexander’s The Combustion Cycle combines surrealism and the Black tradition in a visionary ecological text.

  • Essay
    By Kathleen Rooney

    A woman from the country meets the big city in Diane Seuss's new collection of sonnets. 

    Photograph of a woman smoking on a cot.
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