Grocery Story

today i went to the grocery store
            and bought several organic fruits

            and vegetables so as to keep my health
tip-top i carried the little blue

cherokee card in my wallet
            there was a good deal on seltzer

            a song played
that reminded me of my ex-wife i paused and cried

by the frozen pizzas then put a frozen pizza
           into my cart i walked around the store listening to the music

           looking at the cans and stacks the weird
infinite finite nature of the grocery store it was sunny a woman softly

crying by the bread
            i am never more alive

            than when i am filling up my cart i walked more
and more through ever

-y aisle it came time to put
            my things on the conveyor belt and have them

            recorded with a satisfying beep then
pull out the small piece of plastic

with all my money on it and give it
            to the nice lady who smiled

            took my money i didn’t need to give
it to her i should have just walked out and not paid for anything

she gave me my card
            back reminded me it needed

            to slide into
the computer

which asked a few questions
            a man put my things into a bag for me

            i got into my car on the stolen land and
on the radio they were discussing

                       the Treaty
                       of New Echota
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