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January 2015

Krista Franklin, "Encaustic Dandy," 2011

The oldest monthly devoted to verse in the English-speaking world.

  • Tommye Blount
  • Rae Armantrout
  • David Baker
  • David Shapiro
  • Samuel Amadon
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From this Issue
    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine The Bug

      By Tommye Blount
      lands on my pretty man’s forearm. Harmless,
      it isn’t deadly at all; makes his muscle flutter
      — the one that gets his hand to hold mine, or
      ball into a fist, or handle a gun. It’s a ladybug,
      or an Asian lady beetle everyone mistakes

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine Metastasis

      By David Baker
      Then the breakers turning back to brightness, if the light’sopaque ocean-blue sameness in the sky can be said to break,

      the way the waves themselves, blue in back of bluelike a color in the eye, fall back to the wall — sea wrack,


    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine The Difficulty

      By Rae Armantrout
      This film, like many others,
      claims we’ll enjoy life
      now that we’ve come through

      difficulties, dangers
      so incredibly condensed
      that they must be over.

      If the hardship
      was undergone by others,
      we identified with them

      and, if the danger was survived
      by simpler life forms,
      they’re included in this moment

      when the...

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