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June 2021

Cover artist: Jade Pilgrom

The oldest monthly devoted to verse in the English-speaking world.

  • Xaire
  • Felicia Zamora
  • Lauren Whitehead
  • Cathy Linh Che
  • Amorette "Epiphany" Lormil
POETRY’s front cover. Typography imitates the Alabama Theatre’s neon sign.
From this Issue
    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine Altars

      By Austin Rodenbiker
             Two sprigs of rosemary,
                     a champagne flute,
                                         a black candle.

          Three leaves from an...

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine Drawl and Hum

      By Tina Mozelle Braziel
      Three hundred twenty is the number
               of frogs I’ve raised
      and released during the pandemic.
               Yes, I’m trying to impress you,
      but I don’t count the dead.
               The ones the hunter drove over.

    • poem

      Appeared in Poetry Magazine It Was Already Dangerous

      By Lauren Whitehead
      Working the 2–12 shift Driving home in the shiny dark
      under the sleepless moon Curling his car around
      suburban back roads Almost every day, pushing
      drowsily his nice-enough-to-not-get-pulled-over SUV
      Iced coffee sugared and milked into cake It was
      already dangerous, diabetic as he is, for...

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