Mini Episode: Esther Belin Shares Two Writing Prompts

June 24, 2022


The Poetry Magazine Podcast: Mini Episode: Esther Belin Shares Two Writing Prompts


Esther Belin:

Hi, this is Esther Berlin, guest editor of Poetry magazine. And this month's issue, I'm excited to offer two writing prompts for readers. These writing exercises were very helpful to me as I was experiencing sudden loss. And I envision you readers engaging with these prompts as a way to refuel, as well, to propel you back to a place that comforts and aligns you back to center. I hope you try them. And I'd love to hear what happens for you, if you do.

Here's the first one: Write an inventory of the people you call home. 2: Find an old photograph. 3: Place yourself and one of your homes in it. Describe the process of adding yourself and your home in that foreign landscape. 4: Handwrite your poem, revise as needed, and remember to keep your handwritten revisions.

Here's the second one. 1: Create a list of sounds. Think about sounds that are familiar or everyday, especially those that go unnoticed. At first, you might think it’s nonsense, and that's okay, but those are the sounds we want. 2: Give emotion and context to each sound. 3: Practice saying the sounds out loud. This might be hard for some people, but the idea is really to create that vibration within. 4: Write a few lines of meter using only your list of sounds. Optional: Based on the emotion and context represented by each sound, write a poem. Extra Credit: Write a visual poem with only the sounds. And lastly, have fun.

Thank you for joining me in these special writing prompts. And once again, I'd love to hear what happens for you. If you do. Write to us at [email protected].

In our very first mini episode, Esther Belin shares two writing prompts to help propel you to a place that comforts and aligns you back to center.

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