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  • Open Door
    By Corinne Segal March 28, 2022

    When the earliest cartographers set out to draw the world—seeking a way to understand their place on Earth, and Earth’s place in the universe—they also had to find a method...

    Photograph of pinkish rocky mountains against a blue-pink sky in the South Dakota badlands.
  • Open Door
    By Megan Fernandes December 23, 2021

    I always return to Lisbon. It's October 2021, and I am back in the city for the “Vulnerable Bodies” assembly curated by Andrea Bagnato and Ivan Munuera at the Museum of...

    Photo of a seated person (face not visible) in a black leather jacket with red roses and leopard print pants/leggings, holding a guitar. only
  • Open Door
    By Ryo Yamaguchi December 23, 2021

    Early in the pandemic I made a faulty assumption. If my poet friends could stay safe, I thought, this time would be a boon. We were confronting a great crisis,...

    Interior of a room with sun streaming in through a small rectangular window. Blue walls, dark floor,
  • Open Door
    By Layla Benitez-James December 22, 2021

    In the seven years since I graduated from the University of Houston’s creative writing program, I’ve joked that I needed to deprogram with translation before I could write my own...

    Layer collage with partially obscured text from the 8th amendment. Red, black, white, yellow and blue.
  • Open Door
    By Harriet Staff December 20, 2021

    In keeping with our annual tradition, Harriet asked Poetry Foundation staff to share a book (or two) that helped them get through another challenging year. *** Evalena Friedman, Library Assistant I was completely entranced by Latitude, the debut collection...

    Illustrated pegasus logo
  • Open Door
    By David Woo December 20, 2021

    If finding someone literal-minded is an occasion to celebrate the complexity of one’s own mind, it is also an accusation that can summon the most extreme aspects of consciousness.

    Abstract multicolor painting.
  • Open Door
    By Honey Crawford June 14, 2021

    The recent release of Fodder, a literary‑sonic collaboration between Douglas Kearney and Val Jeanty, brings the dynamic poet/performer/librettist and the visionary composer of Afro-Electronica together in a masterful demonstration of...

    Detail of installation featuring several different darkly painted images on a white wall. Image features texts, a series of X's, and dripping black paint.
  • Open Door
    By Dorothea Lasky March 9, 2021

    I. When Diane di Prima left the world of the living this past October, the poetry community seemed to shudder in sadness. When a great poet dies, you feel the weight...

    Poet Gloria Graham holding what looks like a manuscript of poetry
  • Open Door
    By Brenda Coultas January 19, 2021

    I first met Lewis in 1994, upstairs in the office of The Poetry Project where I had just started working after finishing my MFA at the Naropa Institute (University). He said that he...

    Text from Lewis Warsh's poem "Donatello" is printed on pieces of wood beside railroad tracks
  • Open Door
    By Karthik Purushothaman December 15, 2020

    The Voice of Sheila Chandra (Alice James, 2020) is Kazim Ali’s seventh book of poems. In it, Ali explores the overlapping narratives of the past to consider what “history” really...

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